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To Tame A Texan

Four Novellas
copyright by Evelyn A.Crowe
Copyright by Jan Nowasky
Copyright by Vivian Vaughan
Copyright by Eileen Wilks
All rights reserved
March 1999


Set in Texas 1884

Gunslinger, Chance Wilder, has nothing but A LONG STRETCH OF LONESOME to look forward to until he meets up with a little boy who promises to give him everything if he'll rescue his siter. Chance has a soft heart despite his ruthless reputation and jumps to Lillian Madison's rescue.

Hero: Chance Wilder

BEST LAID PLANS by Evelyn Crowe

Contemporary Tale

A contemporary tale of broken hearted Kathleen Calhoun, an attorney who learned the hard way that love and work do not mix.

Rancher Cole Jackson believes Kate in order to advance her career, purposely botched the case that would have convicted the drunk driver responsible for his brother's death. Feeling betrayed, he puts an end to their relationship. When she shows up at his home, he is determined to avoid her, hops on his horse and makes a run for it.

Hero: Cole Jackson

Set in Texas 1893
Catarina Ramirez has been in love with Monte Ballou since they were little more than children. When he proposed years earlier she was elated until his parents ripped them apart and shipped him off to school. She was the lowly daughter of a ranch cook, after all, and not suitable wife material for their son who would one day inherit the ranch. Years later he has returned and Cat finds her feelings are as strong as ever. Despite rumors of his impending marriage to her "acceptable and rich" best friend, Cat can't help attempting to do everything in her power to save him from harm when he decides to prove his manliness by riding a dangerous horse. Will her unselfish love be enough to bring him back to her?

Hero: Monte Ballou

TEMPTING OFFER by Eileen Wilks

The story is about a couple,Sherry Anne Mathews and Tucker Evans, who were childhood friends. The hero has a difficult time seeing his good friend Sammie as anything other than the tomboy he's known all of his life. Sammie wants him to see her as the woman she has become and sets out to seduce him before he marries the vapid woman who plans to become his wife. Except she doesn't know a thing about seduction and has only her gruff old uncle to ask for guidance!

Hero: Tucker Evans

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